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What We Do | Christopher Coleman
We Do

We believe everyone can live an unconfined life in every area of life.

Living unconfined, beyond circumstances, is personal victory. Such a life is achieved by pursuing faith, God-given potential, purpose, and external and internal freedom. A person capable of and committed to analyzing their past, embracing their present, and visualizing their future is on the path to living an unconfined life.

As an ordained Minister, Author, Life-Coach, and Professional Speaker, Christopher D. Coleman operates under the umbrella of Empowered Ministries and Unlimited Leadership.

Unlimited Leadership: Empowered Ministries:
We teach leadership strategies that will reveal the full potential of all leaders under any circumstances. If you want your team to excel, help them look beyond the here-and-now with leadership strategies that will expose and challenge their potential. Christopher Coleman will have a lasting impact on your team’s performance just as he has contributed to the development of employees and executives at companies such as Coca Cola, Chick-Fil-A, and the Atlanta Falcons. Christopher is living proof that adversity doesn’t have to mean being left behind. Christopher will teach your team how to turn what people see as a chief weakness into an overcoming asset. 

We can all live an unconfined life, and Christopher uses leadership principles to communicate that message:

• A leader does not have to be in charge to be in control.
• Discovering the potential of a team requires uncovering the potential of individuals.
• Effective leaders mentor potential leaders.
• Leading the ship means facing some storms.
• Leadership is not about impressing your superiors; it’s about enhancing your subordinates.
• A leader never gets the words ‘dedication’ and ‘delegation’ confused.

Our mission is to challenge Christian organizations, schools, disabled communities, corporations, and civic groups throughout the world to apply the truth that God’s power will personally lead them to a triumphant life with Jesus regardless of their situation. 

We all can live an unconfined life, and Christopher uses Biblical truth to communicate that message:

• Faith supersedes circumstances.
• Our weaknesses display the power of Christ.
• God wants to set us free. Period!
• If the cross is not enough, then nothing ever will be.
• We can live in unconfined joy.
• Our spiritual connection takes precedence over our physical condition.
• Praise must be our lifestyle regardless of our situation.