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A Life with Purpose | Christopher Coleman

A Life with Purpose


Dear Family and Friends,


Happy fall! I hope you have received my evite to attend my 39th birthday party on Oct. 20th at North Metro Church from 4pm – 7pm. I truly hope to see you there. If you have not received an invitation and would like to attend please RSVP Trisha White at coolmomof4boy@gmail.com. I am confident that this birthday party will be like no other birthday party you have ever attended. We have some special surprises for everyone that comes. I am also revealing what I call my Unconfined Life Challenge for the next year. This is 40 things I want to accomplish by the time I am 40. The first of the 40 will also be revealed and accomplished at the party. Instead of gifts I asking that everyone make a donation to Empowered Ministries. 


You may have noticed for the last three years I have used my birthday as a fundraiser for Empowered Ministries. I do this because God has chosen Empowered Ministries to bring meaning to my life. Because of my calling, my life is not consumed with overcoming the challenges of my disability; I live year to year for a purpose. That purpose has converted years of pain, seizures, and other complications to years of victories and testimonies of His mercy and grace. Very few people who live with a disability get to see the purpose behind it. It is for that reason I want to year after year use my birthday as a reason to celebrate and honor God and the ministry that He called me to.


The vision of Empowered Ministries is to use a disability to display God’s ability. Honoring and supporting that vision will always be the best birthday gift anyone can ever give me. So I do ask in lieu of gifts, even it was going to simply be a $.99 birthday card, donate to Empowered Ministries. You can make your donation online by Clicking Here. And of course any donation you make will be tax deductible at the end of the year. Again I hope to see you on Oct. 20th at the party.


Meanwhile have a blessed and wonderful two weeks.


Christopher D. Coleman


P.S. – You too can use a special event to support the vision of Empowered Ministries and the calling that He has put on my life. To learn more Click Here.


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