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Helping Christopher This Holiday Season | Christopher Coleman

Helping Christopher This Holiday Season

Dear Friends and Family,


I hope you are enjoying the blessings of God in the midst of a wonderful holiday season, as am I. Even though I lost my home and personal possessions in a fire, God has continued to bless my life tremendously.


People are asking, “Why has this happened to you? Have you not been through enough already?” I believe the answer is very simple. Satan, like the rest of the world, has underestimated me. He thought my disability and the challenges associated with it would prevent me from giving praise and glory to God. I can hear him talking to his demons saying, “I’ve been over here trying to trip up the perfectly-able Christians, meanwhile Christopher, with a wheelchair and cerebral palsy, has been traveling all over the world telling folks about Jesus and the difference that He makes regardless of a wheelchair. Its time for me to up my game!”


As part of my “40 by 40″ challenges, I have been meditating and praying on 1 Peter 4:12-14.


Many have asked, “What can we do to help?” Praise God that my immediate needs have been taken care of. A wonderful family of four, two of whom are adopted, in a household to include a foreign exchange student over the winter break, has made accommodations for me stay with them in their home as I search for a new place to live. That loving family, my personal assistant, and many others have made huge sacrifices so my immediate needs are met. Pray with me that God would bless them three times as much as they have blessed me!


Over time, the insurance company will restore everything I lost in the fire. The only caveat to this is that I have to provide them with receipts and they will reimburse my purchases. For them it is good, sound bookkeeping and accountability to require me to rebuild based on my livelihood. Praise God that He has given me a ministry and work that has enabled me to live comfortably. Unfortunately, due to the economy of the last four years, we have fallen behind with our payroll and many other ministry obligations. Individual supporters have drastically cut back due to their financial struggles and organizations have also cut back on hiring outside speakers. With this in mind, here is how you can help:

  1. 1. Prayer: I understand that not everyone can afford to give financially. But everyone can, indeed, pray. Not just for me, but pray for the individuals who can give financially, that God would bless them.
  2. 2. We need financial support: As I said earlier, things have gotten very tight. We need to catch up as well as secure the ministry efforts of 2013. Anyone that makes a contribution by Dec. 31st will receive a letter recognizing your total contribution for 2012. We also ask that you prayerfully consider becoming a monthly supporter of Empowered Ministries.
  3. 3. Word of mouth: I want to encourage everyone to direct their friends and family to my site, www.christophercoleman.net, and ask them to give to the ministry if the ministry and message blesses them in any way. Also, if you go on my site under “How to Support Us”, you will find a list of churches throughout the country that I am targeting. If you have any contact with these churches or other Christian organizations, please help me make a connection with them.
  4. 4. Home Gatherings: I am also available to come into your home and share my personal story at a picnic, barbeque, or in your living room over desert and coffee. At the end of the night, you simply make a request to your friends and loved ones to support Empowered Ministries through a one-time or monthly donation.


For those who would like to help from a financial standpoint, you can make contributions to Empowered Ministries online at http://christophercoleman.net/how-to-support-us/make-a-donation/or via mail at:

Empowered Ministries

PO Box 1632

Kennesaw, GA 30156

I want to thank you in advance for your prayer and support. Have a wonderful holiday season. Know that my prayers are with you as well.



Seeking His wonderful, miracle working power, John 9: 1-3

Christopher D. Coleman

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