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Transform a Life | Christopher Coleman
a Life

Sponsor Someone’s Transformation

Do you realize that 54 million people live with a disability every day? This population is a diverse group, crossing lines of age, ethnicity, gender, race, sexual orientation and socioeconomic status. Unfortunately, people with disabilities are devalued and are not given an opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities. This reality is especially challenging for recently disabled veterans and those who wake up from a demobilizing tragedy. Their unfortunate situation brings them face to face with the crippling question, “What Now?” The start of a productive and active life seems to be unrealistic to them. Christopher knows differently and has a deep desire to help them transform how they view their reality. The reality is:

  • Your ability to envision a full life with a disability is an indication of your ability to achieve
  • We all can live an unconfined life
  • Your response to your disability decides how debilitating the disability really is
  • You define your limitations
  • People with disabilities do not need to be included into society, but accepted as part of society
  • Everyone has a purpose behind every point and time in his or her life

Be the vehicle that transforms a survivor to a conqueror. Sponsor one of the following participants through a one year life coaching program facilitated by Christopher or contribute to the general funding of What Now? These participants will be given the tools and motivation to dream, achieve, and discover their true potential. Each donor or sponsor will receive a receipt for his or her tax deductible gift.

If you would like to donate to the “What Now?” General Fund click here.

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