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Christian Recommendations | Christopher Coleman

“I would like to commend the ministry of Mr. Christopher Coleman to you. Chris has entitled his ministry Empowered Ministries. He feels so very fortunate, blessed and humbled to have been so radically changed by the power of Christ. By the way, that power has been demonstrated in such a marvelous way in the ministry of First Baptist Woodstock where he had his membership. He is greatly respected by the First Family and especially by me, his former pastor. I believe that Chris would be a great blessing to your church, youth group, singles ministry or any special occasion. I commend him to you with no reservations at all.”

Dr. Johnny Hunt

First Baptist Church Woodstock

“Christopher Coleman has an attitude! Check it out, and you’ll want it too! Look up the word “JOY” in the dictionary and you may just find Christopher Coleman’s picture beside it. If anybody ever had the right to be a victim or be bitter, Christopher would qualify. But within seconds of meeting him you forget there is even a wheelchair. Why? It’s because Christopher doesn’t focus on his limitations or his losses. He makes an immediate connection with every person who has faced pain, rejection, postponement of dreams, or disappointments. He makes a huge first impression because so many people allow difficulties and delays to determine their attitudes and he’s got the list. However, he doesn’t wave it or wear it. From battles with cerebral palsy to childhood abuse, he has found a way to move beyond. Christopher immediately helps you see that performance or appearance doesn’t define life. Let him challenge you with the real source of his attitude – a personal experience with a real God. There is a never-leave-your seat story when you open his package. You won’t fast forward. You’ll want to rewind again and again. You can’t swap stories with him and come out on top. It’s both intimidating and inspiring. Listen for a few minutes and you will trash every excuse you’ve used for not giving your best, wanting the best, and believing the best about God, your family, and your future. Take a risk. If Christopher has the courage to openly share his personal struggles and successes, then get the courage to schedule him. You will never look at God, life and limits the same again.”

Russ Shinpoch

First Baptist Church Snellville

“With a tender heart and quick wit, he fearlessly challenges the Christian status quo and lovingly shakes the church from its lethargy. I highly recommend you have Christopher come and minister to you.”

Dwight G. Watson
Road Pastor

“I am thankful for Chris’ ministry in our services this past Sunday. His testimony and the message God gave him from His Word were a tremendous blessing. I personally was greatly encouraged and motivated by the things he shared.

One of our men asked me afterwards with great enthusiasm, ‘When can we have that man back again!’

Another man called me this morning to tell me how deeply Christopher’s testimony and message had touched both he and his 11-year old son. I’m sure we’ll continue to hear more positive feedback as the week goes on.

Brother, from one servant to another, I want to encourage you to include Christopher Coleman in your ministry.

I know God is going to continue to use him greatly!

We’ll look forward to having him to speak to our church again sometime next year.”

Steve Varner


“I want to applaud Christopher Coleman for his considerable accomplishments. I believe his passion to encourage others is certainly remarkable, and that he will inspire all who hear from him. God bless you, Christopher.”

Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar Corporation

“Christopher delivered an inspirational message at our 2000 FSM Conference that had a tremendous impact on our team. All of the comments we have received have praised his role at the event, and we can truly say that much of the success of the conference was due to Christopher’s contribution. He will challenge and inspire your people on every level.”

Mike McFadden

Sales Operations Director

Vector Marketing Corporation

“I would like to recommend Christopher Coleman as a motivational speaker for your organization. I have had the privilege of hearing Chris speak on numerous occasions, both in large and small settings. His delivery is very motivational and inspirational. His uplifting message of perseverance and dedication is contagious. He blends tragedy in a unique way that most anyone can relate.

Recently he spoke to a large crowd at Lucent Technologies in Atlanta. The employees were very impressed and greatly appreciated what he had to say. Our company has recently gone through some very tough times, and Chris’ message gave new inspiration and encourage to many.”

Tawana Pitchford

Project Controls Manager

Lucent Technologies

“Christopher will tell you that his passion is speaking to people. What I see as his passion, though, is the people themselves. More specifically, helping and challenging the people he comes in contact with. Whether he is speaking to a group of employees or talking one-on-one with a friend at church, Christopher truly cares about where each person is in life.

Christopher cares about people and desires to motivate and encourage anyone that will listen. He desires to see people reach their full potential, both professionally and personally. He does this is a variety of ways.

His speeches provide motivation from personal testimony; but, if you were to ask anyone who has heard him speak, the true challenge comes from his living testimony. Christopher doesn’t think of himself as disabled, and, I can attest, he truly is very able at anything he does. But that is where his testimony begins to challenge those of us without Cerebral Palsy. When we see Christopher leading his life in the same way as the rest of us, we start to see the things that we take for granted.

If Christopher, being challenged in ways that I am not, can do as much as and sometimes more than I can, I find myself forced to re-evaluate my own life. What am I taking for granted? Why am I not where I thought I would be at this time in my life? Am I giving of myself all of what I truly can do?

Christopher has a great gift for speaking to people. He has a greater gift of relating to people; and, his greatest gift of all is his commitment to himself. These gifts are what I recommend to you. I believe the Christopher will motivate and challenge everyone that comes in contact with him to a higher level of personal growth and commitment just by the man that he is.”

Jeremy Sampsell

“It is both a honor and privilege for me to submit a letter of recommendation for Chris Coleman. I met Chris five years ago at Southern Polytechnic State University in Marietta, GA, where we both attended college. While at SPSU, I got to know Chris and since then we have become great friends.

My initial interest was sparked by my involvement with Push America, a non-profit organization affiliated with my college fraternity, Pi Kappa Phi. I invited Chris to speak to our group at our annual Empathy Training Dinner, and Chris was INCREDIBLE!!! I have heard him speak to a variety of different types of groups and organizations and what amazes me is his ability to “connect” with them all. Chris has a unique talent from the platform that can only be described as natural.

The thing that impresses me the most with Chris is his never-ending desire to achieve whatever enters his mind. Many of his achievements thus far have actually be limitations that were put on him at birth. Being born with Cerebral Palsy, Chris was labeled a “vegetable” – he would never walk, or talk, or amount to anything in life. Chris not only graduated at the top of his class in high school and college, he has also written a book. Being confined to a wheelchair has not stopped Chris from moving to Atlanta (from Baton Rouge) to pursue a life on his own. His recent attempts at walking (with assistance of a walker) have STUNNED all that know him!! There is no doubt that with time Chris Coleman will once again prove the doctors wrong by enabling himself to walk through sheer determination and will.

Words cannot express the impact and inspiration Chris has touched so many lives with through his numerous speaking engagements. From a sales conference in California, to a local church group here in town, Chris has moved his audience to tears as he takes them through the life of what was supposed to have been lived as a ‘vegetable’.”

Jon Hamby