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Christian Topics | Christopher Coleman

Not Letting Your Spiritual Wheelchair Confine You
What Does it Really Mean to be Free in Christ?

People feel confined to a situation which prevents them from living the life God enables them to live. The message of “Spiritual Wheelchairs” shows how a wheelchair does not confine Christopher. He challenges the audience to not be confined by theirs.

Your Future is not Dictated by Your Past
Come Out of the Corner

Many people allow their mistakes to be dark clouds over their lives. The only time we should allow the past to enter our mind is to remember how far we have come from. Finding the point in our lives where we can forget what lies behind and reach forward to what lies ahead, is necessary to totally experience life.

If The Cross Is Not Enough, Nothing Ever Will Be
Coming to the Realization that Jesus is Sufficient

The question is, “is the cross sufficient for you?” If a person lives eighty years and goes to church three times a week, only 1.78% of his life is spent in church. Therefore, the question we are confronted with can only be answered by the other 98.22% of our lives. If Jesus were observe the other 98.22% of our lives, would He get the impression that He is enough for us?

Living Above The Circumstances
Life with Christ is Spiritual and Cannot be Confined to Circumstances

We falter when we try to live life based solely on the eighty years we have on earth. The problem this speech addresses is our spiritual relationship with God is based on our physical circumstances, when it should not be.

Never Let a Rock Take Your Place
Only You Know the Cost of Your Alabaster Box

Paul and Silas praised God in the midst of their captivity. It was that praise that allowed them to experience the miracle of God and true freedom. Maybe God is waiting for us to be like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego and get in our minds that He is able to get us out of our situations. Meanwhile, even if He doesn’t, He is still God and we still have to praise Him.

Disable Yourself for God
Displaying God’s Ability by Recognizing Your Disability

Many Christians who accept God still try to live a Christian life based on their abilities and feel inadequate when their ability fails them. A worldly man impacts the world by recognizing his strength. However, the Christian impacts the world by recognizing his weakness.

Never Let Your Past Dictate Your Future
No Longer Living a Life Trapped in Bondage and Weighed Down by Baggage

The biggest thorn in the side of Christians is their past. They have failed to understand, receive and appreciate God’s sovereign grace. The main Purpose of God’s grace is to come to the realization that His sacrifice is sufficient enough for us to experience freedom from our past.

Living Unconfined Joy
Real Joy cannot be Hidden

Yes, sometimes the rain comes, the wind blows, and life can become cold; but the best fruit grows in tropical weather. Fruit cannot thrive in only dry or rainy climates. However, when the sun reaches the roots of a tree, its fruits starts to blossom. When the Son reaches our hearts, the root of who we are, joy will begin to be noticeable in our lives.