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Educational Topics | Christopher Coleman
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Knowing You Were Created for a Purpose
Truth Filter – Separating Facts From Opinions And Operating In The Light

Purpose is not a learned skill or a manufactured substance. It is discovered. Discovering your purpose requires you to bring your mind, heart, and soul to the table and define who you are. To find your purpose, you simply have to walk around the garden of your life, and pick the most beautiful flowers. That bouquet you now hold is your purpose for living.

In Christopher’s message you will discover:

  • Our beliefs about ourselves cannot contradict our strengths or weaknesses
  • Every individual is the core and essence of uniqueness
  • Any individual with a mind, heart and soul is guaranteed to have a purpose

Embracing and Revealing the Person Within
Reflex Mirror – Looking At What Everyone Sees When You Respond To Life

You have to come face-to-face with your motives, character and conduct. A man that cannot see who he is cannot visualize who he can become. Reality is our friend that wakes us up before life passes us by.

In Christopher’s message you will discover:

  • The difference between a dream and a fairytale is your ability to see your potential
  • The process of overcoming will change blemishes to marks of character
  • Purpose is useless without vision

Focus on Abilities, Not Disabilities
Elevating Truth – What Will It Take To Launch You To The Next Level

We all have the potential of succeeding or failing. The opportunity to rise or fall is taken through the decisions that you make. Life is an elevator everyone rides. The button that you focus on will directly determine the direction you will go.

In Christopher’s message you will discover:

  • Your situation is your platform for potential
  • Your internal strengths overshadow your external weaknesses
  • An able body cannot compare to an able mind

Healing the Heart, Mind, & Soul
Analyzing the Past, Embracing the Present, & Looking Forward to the Future

The most powerful medication to heal the heart, mind, and soul is the truth. Truth will not always make you happy, but it will always result in true joy. Truth causes us to look at the facts and the reality of the situation.

In Christopher’s message you will discover:

  • The heart accepts or rejects truth.
  • A wound heals quickest when it is opened up and cleaned out.
  • Your soul uses the truth to settle the dispute between our heart and mind.

Exposing Your Internal Talents, Gifts, and Abilities
Combining Power – Gathering Resources From Your Mind, Heart, And Soul

It doesn’t matter the size, shape, or style of a box. It is not recognized as a treasure box until what’s in it is exposed. You cannot let your situation be a lock that prevents people from getting inside to see your gifts, talents and abilities.

In Christopher’s message you will discover:

  • The moon can never truly reveal the power of the sun.
  • You know the value of a diamond by the way it is displayed.
  • You cannot expect people to see what you’re not willing to show

Life Goes On
Moving Forward with Life

Adversities will occur in your life. There is no way to go over them, get around them, or go under them. You must go through them. Moving on has nothing to do with having the right strategy. It has everything to do with having the strength of your mind, heart, and soul and the conviction to follow through on the issues life confronts us with.

In Christopher’s message you will discover:

  • Consequences are not reasons to stay confined.
  • Complacency only replaces effort, diligence, and a positive attitude.
  • Moving forward demands something to be left behind.